27 EXPERIENCES- hotel Laurichhof

May 2020

Each of the 27 suites of the Hotel Laurichhof in Pirna, Germany, is interpreted with a unique style, enriched with design pieces and designed in every detail.
Wallpapers become the protagonists for each of the rooms, interpreting their atmosphere: from the immersive experience among the flowers beyond measure of the subject 'Pavot' (declined both in the vinyl version and in the Wet System version to give continuity even in the bathroom), to the evident jungle recall in the 'Mowgli' suite, where the vegetation of the subject 'Tujane' fits strongly among the chosen complements, definitely 'wild'.
There is no lack of 'pop' quotes, with the wallpaper 'Girls on Film'. The 'Pop- art' suite is inviting and cosy, or the black and white geometries of the 'Mohd' wallpaper characterising the 'Schachmatt' environment.
These are just some of the examples that characterize the suites of the hotel Laurichhof, designed by the Seidel studio with the aim of giving guests an all-round experience, which crosses spaces and styles sometimes extravagant, romantic faces, leaving nothing unexplored. 

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