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d.ecodura™ wins the German Innovation Award 2024

Mayo 2024
Berlin, Germany

d.ecodura™ - the world’s first bio-based vinyl wallpaper -
wins the German Innovation Award 2024 -

Special Mention in the category 'Excellence in Business to Consumer: Interior & Living'

d.ecodura™ | timeless organic beauty
 d.ecodura™ is the indoor wallcovering that redefines the standards of wallpapering with no compromise.
Sustainability, Durability, Beauty.

By utilizing BIOVYN™ for the front material, d.ecodura™ proudly achieves -50% carbon footprint compared to our original wallpaper substrate, with the same high performances guaranteed.

Its durability stands firm against scratches. It maintains a remarkable washability and the same captivating beauty.