tailor-made contemporary wallcoverings

Contemporary Wallpaper,
the wallpaper for interiors

Contemporary Wallpaper is the collection of made-to-measure wallpaper for indoor that develops the theme of macro-subjects. Not merely backdrops but pivotal wallpaper designs that narrate vertical stories and dictates the character of every room.

Discover the essence of modern design with the transformative allure of Contemporary Wallpaper Collection. This collection is not just a decor element - it's a canvas for personal expression, offering a new concept of tailor-made wall coverings. Each wallpaper is meticulously tailored to specifications, ranging from positioning and sizing to chromatic and graphic variations, to meet even the most complex project requirements.

Tailor-Made Designs: Each wallpaper is customizable to fit each unique space
High Visual Impact wallpaper: Bold patterns that transform interiors into a narrative experience, making walls speak
Luxury Interiors: Elevate spaces with a touch of sophistication
Designer Collaboration: Each print is a collaborative creation with leading designers
Ahead of the Curve: Ability to identify new aesthetic codes that set the trend

d.ecodura™ - the new paradigm in wallpaper

d.ecodura™ is the indoor wallcovering that redefines the standards of wallpapering, with no compromise between Sustainability, Durability and Beauty.
Eco-Conscious Innovation with BIOVYN™

d.ecodura™ pioneers a sustainable approach by replacing conventional vinyl with BIOVYN™, a game-changing material that boasts an impressive 97.6% lower carbon footprint compared to regular PVC. BIOVYN™ is made 100% using bio-sourced ethylene derived from wood-based residue from the forestry industry.

Performance and Beauty without Compromise

d.ecodura™ matches the same high performance as our traditional wallpaper. Its durability stands firm against scratches, maintaining remarkable washability, often a rarity in eco-products. Plus, it retains the same captivating beauty that defines our previous substrate – all while maintaining the same price level.

A Significant Shift Towards Sustainability

d.ecodura™ isn't just about change; it's about progress. By utilizing BIOVYN™ for the front material, d.ecodura™ proudly achieves almost 50% lower carbon footprint compared to our original wallpaper substrate. Moreover, it's a milestone accomplishment - a vinyl without any virgin fossil-based plastics is present, aligning with our commitment to a greener future.

Look and feel

In order to best meet the various project requirements, d.ecodura™ is available on two different finishes:

d.TW - d.ecodura™ Texture Wallpaper, which retains the unmistakable texture of our traditional substrate with a precious fabric effect.

d.SW - d.ecodura™ Sand Wallpaper, whose smoother surface recalls the fine graininess of sand.

Outstanding features of d.ecodura™

  • Washable
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Compliant with class B s2 d0 fire reaction standards, and class A in the USA
  • The products meets the requirements of the Indoor Air Comfort Gold test plan and French VOC Regulation A+
  • Suitable for indoor use in both residential and contract applications