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The consultancy service for designers and architects who like you are looking for unique wall solutions, inspired by original concepts or by adapting our creativity to your project requirements.


Imagination embellishes your interiors

Functional and modular customisation, a new concept of tailor-made wallcovering. At Studio, we express a different interpretation of our collections on paper, adapting them where necessary to reflect your vision.

Every wall is a canvas waiting to be covered. Every room has its own intended use. Immersed in an ambience of fluid contamination between creativity and design, art and innovation, at Studio we design and develop wall solutions that take into account the setting all its complexity.

Functional covering

We choose the most suitable wallcovering for you, based on its intended use



Type II



Collections that change with you

We customise our graphics for you. Our subjects become new works by means of colour and style adaptations. We modify shades and combinations, or individual graphic elements of the wallcovering.

Infinitely creative

We develop solutions that can be technically and aesthetically implemented on walls of any size. Whether they are adaptations of catalogue graphics or new works, our wallcoverings are developed to cover indoor or outdoor surfaces with no space restrictions, while preserving the aesthetics of the subject.

Ideas that become projects

Studio was created to promote and encourage the development of new expressive solutions, unique and coherent with the design study, in technical and stylistic terms. It therefore also becomes the place where we can transcend adaptation and create new graphics for you, or together with you.

Book your session online

Book your session online

Our team will assist and support you with the technical and creative development of your project.