The evolution of tailor-made design finds the space it deserves in Studio.

‘Studio’ is the new service by Wall&decò dedicated to professionals, architects and designers created to satisfy even the most challenging project requirements and create unique creations, without technical or imaginative limits. A bespoke service led by the creative direction of Wall&decò, working together with the designer to offer tailor-made wall solutions.

A customization that extends on several layers, from the adaptation of colors and sizes to the modification of the graphics in the collections, up to the creation of totally new designs, in an atmosphere of continuous contamination between creative and design, art and innovation.

‘Studio' was created to promote and encourage the exchange of ideas, with the ultimate goal of finding expressive solutions that are unique and consistent with the design study, from a technical and stylistic point of view.

What the designer wants, we want too: to take our collections to the next level and give life to unique creations, developed and customized by designers and creatives, just like you, who speak the language of possibilities, yours.

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Book your session with one of our experts

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