August 2023
Verona, Italy

Le Foresterie, a project developed in Oppeano, Verona, embraces the use of wallpaper to define each individual area with a unique style and atmosphere.

In the living room the green is brought to the wall with the graphic 'Exotic Damier' that combines the botanical theme with the geometric element.

In the kitchen area 'Likeminds' stands as a celebration of graphic lines, geometric shapes and colours in harmony with the surroundings.

White background, black grid, mirrors with rounded corners.
The master bedroom features 'Millennium', a graphic that embodies a timeless encounter between past and future: 80s and Vaporwave style.

More poetic is the dimension of the single room, where the graphic 'Soul' proposes a cascade of peonies with a pictorial stroke on a degradé background marked by time.

Finally, in the last room, 'Floor' reproduces a wooden parquet arranged in a herringbone pattern that intersects with concrete: a combination that gives the room a rustic-industrial look.

Project: Bonfante, Antonella Paternò Rana