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Xtra Reality App

Xtra Reality App

W&d Xtra Reality is the app that allows you to discover Wall&decò products through an Augmented Reality experience

When you see this icon in Wall&decò paper and digital catalogues, it means that there are Augmented Reality contents and you can enjoy a new immersive experience.

Scan the graphics markers of the technical sections in Wall&decò catalogues

Click on the 3D Augmented Reality graphics to change the colour variation

Use the app to scan the markers both on your paper and digital catalogue downloaded on your tablet or PC.

For an ideal experience, make sure the markers are well exposed to light, keeping flat the catalogue page.

In the lower section of the interface you can select where the markers can be viewed and change the 3D model position.

Click on the icon in the right corner of the WET System catalogue screen to display the graphics for your bathroom or your kitchen.

Download W&d Xtra Reality on your App Store for free