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Le Dictateur

Le Dictateur


Federico Pepe was born in 1976. He lives and works in Milan. He is a unique figure in the cultural and artistic Italian landscape, where he moves with agility and extreme aesthetic coherence between various artistic forms. Advertising, Artist, Graphic Designer, Video Maker. Executive creative director of the DLVBBDO Multinational Communication Agency. In 2006 he founded in Le Dictatuer, an editorial project and an independent exhibition space based in Milan, for which he has been the editor of editorial and artistic plan for over 10 years. He exhibited his works and projects at MOMA Library and Family Business in New York, at TATE MODERN in London, at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, at the Trienniale of Milan and in many others private galleries. Over the years he collaborated with famous artists such as Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Nico Vascellari, Jacopo Benassi and designers such as Patricia Urquiola with whom he has signed two collections (CREDENZA 2016, MISCREDENZA 2017).

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“I stopped wondering what others think of my way of doing things a long time ago, it was counterproductive.”

Architecture sketches (Leonardo), mellow brushes (Impressions), some kind of meeting point between pop and optical art (Nomade): your designs for Wall&decò speak more of agility than ability – forgive the pun but it seems on point. Different languages, different methods, different experiences that all permeate your work. What can you tell us about the inspirations behind your designs?

I try different languages because I feel insecure. I hide my insecurity behind agility!

The goal I set for myself when I started working with Wall&decò is still the same: to put to (wall)paper inspirations, techniques, methods and experiments taken from the world of Art.

That is why I work almost exclusively with my own hands, with manual methods: in some cases I’ll use digital technology at some point or, as it is, I start with a photographic documentation of the surface.


Looking at the Nomade design my mind went to Fernand Léger and then, almost immediately, to “Yellow Submarine”. I might be wrong of course, but let me ask you how do you sail through this mare magnum that is around us all the time, with Art (with capital A) on one coast and pop culture on the other. How does your poetry, your creativity sail you through the chasm? Or maybe you know how to go from one shore to the other without getting your feet wet…

I think I finally managed to bring everything on the same shore! I stopped wondering what others think of my way of doing things a long time ago, it was counterproductive. If what I do makes me feel good, it deserves the capital A. I do what I do only if I feel I can be generous.


A room dressed with one of your wallpapers. Inside, a character from History or Fiction (from literature all the way to movies). Who are they?

Gregor Samsa (the main character from Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis - ndr) already transformed, lying on the floor looking up. The wallpaper is on the roof. The walls, I left them blank.


Photo credits: Vanni Borghi

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