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The Elusive Otter

The Elusive Otter

Artists, designers

The refined illustrations of Raffaella Audiffredi, author of the project, zoom in details on the animal world, creating canvases on which a literary dimension signed by writer Matteo Sartori is triggered.
The collaboration with Wall&Decò enriches the journey of the ''elusive otter'' with charm and combines the artistic experience of The Elusive Otter to a new application field.

Raffaella Audiffredi
Architect, graduated at the Polytechnic University of Milan, opened her studio in Milan in 2010, after working in Italy and abroad. She conceived The Elusive Otter project in 2013.

Matteo Sartori
Graduated in political sciences at the State University of Milan, he worked in the cinema and advertising field from 2002 to 2012. He is the author of three novels.

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