June 2023
Cervia, Italy

We were among the lucky ones.
Our company did not suffer any damage because it was built very recently and therefore a little higher than the road surface.
But already at the end of the street it was a real disaster.
And every one of us unfortunately knows someone who has lost everything...
How many messages, how many expressions of solidarity have we received in recent days.
From colleagues, friends, customers, suppliers, from every part of Italy as well as from abroad - they came from everywhere: such warm phrases that managed to 'dry' the heart despite the heavy rain.
And now that the sun has returned, we would like to be the ones to bring some dryness - to what are the great riches of our land:
on the one hand our people, because we really don't give up,
and on the other our land, because we really don't want to give up..
Therefore tangible help directly to the Municipality of Cervia, for all our fellow citizens in need.
And a help to our defenceless Saline - so submerged that we wonder if the flamingos will be able to find them anyway.
This graphic is also our homage to the territory, born from a thought that flows, just like Romagna, between mountain and pine forest, both so damaged by the flood.
So why not to merge them into an ethereal landscape
where everything finds its space and tranquillity of existence once again?
Comune di Cervia and Assieme per la Salina 
are the two organisations to which Wall&decò has decided to make a contribution.

If you would also like to leave your donations:
Municipality of Cervia: IBAN IT30G0627023615CC0150308182
International Swift/BIC: CRRAIT2RXXX
Bank Reason: Emergenza Alluvione 2023

ASSIEME PER LA SALINA: IBAN IT 27S0627023615CC0150308403       
Bank reason: Assieme per la Salina